Targeted Nasal Delivery System

Our technology is based on our findings that polypeptides and other bioactive molecules, when administered to the nasal mucosa, migrate along cranial nerves via the naso-cerebral pathway. When these molecules are coupled with select ion-mixtures, they demonstrate enhanced receptor binding and drug efficacy.

The nasal pathway allows peptide-based or intermediate sized drugs to bypass an otherwise insurmountable array of barriers to reach their intended targets. The directness of the nasal route contrasts with other delivery routes (such as pills, patches, and intravenous administration) that display low bioavailability and a broad range of systemic effects.

This ability to selectively deliver medicines to regions of the central nervous system creates new opportunities to repurpose existing medications and reformulate drugs that have shown limited bioavailability with conventional routes of administration.

Watch the Video: See nasal-cerebral drug delivery in action